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We get it. Finding really high-quality material that is appropriately leveled and clearly written for your kids is difficult. Readorium makes it easy. Our high-interest books are tailored to your children’s needs. We provide 80 interactive science books that continuously level to your children, as they read. The reading level adapts, but the scientific content never does.

When your kids use Readorium, they learn two skills at once: they learn a ton about science, and they also learn how to learn from complex text! With a reward-based, gamified approach to reading comprehension, home-schooled kids who use Readorium get automatic support when they need it, enjoy reading, and learn more.

“It’s fun. You get to compete to get to the Hall of Fame. I’m motivated to do all the work and do it right.”

Imani J., Grade 6 Student

Children Engage with What They Read

Each Readorium Book contains a personal mentor who will help your child understand all the information in that book. Supports and reading levels will automatically adjust to your child’s needs. Interactive questions and answers, combined with friendly advice and helpful hints given by the mentor, get your child to be fully engaged and excited about reading.

“Readorium makes me want to work harder. The medals make me feel proud each time I complete a chapter.”

Erika N., Grade 7

Children Understand What They Read

Reading is one thing, understanding is another. Readorium helps children truly grasp the meaning of what they’re reading by training them in how to use the best reading comprehension strategies available, based on the latest brain research.

Our Instructor Resource Center will show you exactly how your child is progressing. You can use this information and the materials in the IRC to help you address any challenges your child might encounter.

“The most important thing I got out of Readorium was that i could now understand reading and science at the same time.”

Jahira L., Grade 4

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Many children have benefited from Readorium.

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