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Readorium prototype tested in four middle schools

The testing phase of the Readorium prototype is now closed. We have completed a six-week-long classroom trial of the software in four New Jersey public middle schools. These schools were: (1) Leonia Middle School, (2) Hackensack Five-Six School, (3) Teaneck Middle School, and (4) Hillside Intermediate School of the Bridgewater-Raritan School District.

The schools selected over 80 students to participate in the trial, many of whom struggle with comprehending non-fiction text in the area of science. Students took a scientifically validated online reading assessment, called DORA, before and right after the trial. Although 80 is a relatively small population sample, the results were analyzed using statistical methods. The average comprehension score, measured in school years, increased 1.39 in just six weeks (=0.16 school year) of testing. For more details on each school, visit our Success Stories page.

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