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Readorium Study to Be Published in Educational Research Quarterly

Readorium’s study on middle school students was accepted for publication in the Education Research Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal which looks at the practice of education through research and scholarship.

The study, entitled Nonfiction Reading Comprehension in Middle School: Exploring an interactive Software Approach, examines how Readorium employs research-based practices for effective reading comprehension and how these practices increased comprehension. Using a reliable and validated external assessment as a measure of pre and post reading levels, Readorium use was found, on average, to increase reading comprehension by 0.83 years, which was 0.68 years above the expected gain in reading during the trial period. There were variations in the three Readorium studies conducted in 2010, 2012, and 2013. However, in all studies Readorium students showed higher than expected comprehension gains, and a positive correlation between student use and those gains.

Dr. Evelyn Wolff, Research Coordinator of Readorium, Harriet Isecke, CEO of Readorium; Dr. Christopher Rhoads, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education of the University of Connecticut, and John P. Madura, a doctoral student at the University of Connecticut, were the four authors of the study.

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