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Readorium 2012 Field Test Shows Promising Results

Results from Readorium’s spring 2012 field test demonstrate that the Readorium approach to nonfiction reading appears to have an impact on improving comprehension for middle school students. Approximately 200 students in 7 diverse school districts (in NJ and Connecticut) participated in the six-week Readorium field test in the spring of 2012.

Students field testing the program were given a valid and reliable outside pre and post reading comprehension assessment to ascertain what reading growth, if any, could be attributed to Readorium use.

The expected gain for the 6 week period was .17 school years. The students who participated in the field test exceeded this expectation. The average net increase, i.e., the increase above the expected gain over that time period, for all students field testing the program, was .68 school years. For students who completed five or more topic strands, the average net gain increased .83 school years, whereas for those who completed four strands or less topic strands, the gain was .53 school years.

Readorium’s effectiveness is based on integrating the elements of successful research-based reading comprehension strategies in an engaging and motivating online program.

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