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News Blast – New Grant: 2013

Mtelegence is proud to announce that it was awarded a Small Business Innovative Research Phase 1 Grant by the U.S. Department of Education for the development of the Readorium Rising Reader prototype. Mtelegence received one of eleven Phase I grants that were awarded nationwide for this project.

Readorium Rising Reader (RRR) is a new project for the company. After working for the past three years on Readorium software to help middle school students read nonfiction text, we are now developing a new version of the program devoted to helping 3rd to 5th graders understand nonfiction text in the area of science.

RRR’s content, which will be available in the program’s “virtual library,” will be based on the latest National Standards in Science and Language Arts literacy. All text will be written at 10 readability levels (from grade 2.0 – 7.0), and leveling will take into account word and sentence complexity, as well as concept density. Students will participate in multimodal reading strategy lessons, while they are guided through a series of interrelated science chapters in virtual books. Each chapter will be presented at the student’s individual readability level as they go. Students will continually interact with the text and receive the support they need. RRR will track all student responses, time on task, and hints needed to answer comprehension questions. The system will provide educators with individual and group reports, as well as downloadable lessons and activities to target classroom instruction to students’ needs.

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