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[VIDEO] – Teachers Speak Out About Readorium

Teachers have been praising Readorium! At numerous different schools, teachers have commented how Readorium makes their students more interested in nonfiction and provides their students with crucial reading strategies. Both teachers and students responded that using Readorium increased student self-confidence, increased their interest in science, and gave them a new passion for reading non-fiction! Teachers noticed that students who used Readorium spoke enthusiastically about what they were learning and transferred the skills and strategies they learned when reading outside material.

Listen to what Pamela Davis, 6th and 7th Grade teacher at Cleveland School in Orange NJ, Reem Fakhry, 6th and 7th grade science teacher at Noble Leadership Academy in Passaic NJ, and Shena Jose, 6th grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Teaneck NJ, had to say about the Readorium’s impact on their students.

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