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Changing the Emporium, RRR, and More

Did you know that you can make electricity from powdered donuts and blueberries? Did you know that it is possible to make clothes that just can’t get wet or stained? Here at Readorium, our staff are working on Readorium Rising Reader – the edition of Readorium for students in grades 3 to 5. This is part of our continued mission to bring fun, innovative ways to enjoy science while learning to comprehend nonfiction text. We are also excited that in Readorium Rising Reader we are going to have some of our strategy lessons animated.
Other members of our team are working to make Readorium and Readorium Rising Reader compatible with various products that do not support flash technology. For example, we are replacing elements of the Readorium Emporium so that they work with various products, such as the iPad and iPhone.

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