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What Doesn’t Cause a Storm Surge?

Yes, there are many things which do not cause storm surges – apples, carpets, chairs, rugs – you could name a lot. This was one of many questions that was asked this week as we were writing questions for the vocabulary cards for Readorium Rising Reader. Suppose we want to see if a student knows the definition of the vocabulary word “storm surge?” Well, we might want to figure out what doesn’t cause a storm surge to create fun answer choices.

A lot has been going on this week for Readorium Rising Reader. We’ve been editing “books,” writing scripts, making hints, creating vocabulary card questions, finding and editing videos and pictures for vocabulary cards, testing out Readorium and doing much, much more. When we edit the scripts for the “books” – which will be similar to the topic series in Readorium, we read through text to ensure that it is good for our voice actors. Further, we’ve been preparing strategy lessons (with really fun animations involving characters such as Dr. Terrible and Captain Superhero) so that students in Readorium Rising Reader learn effective methods of reading.

In the Readorium Emporium, we’ve been making new games that simulate gravity in the solar system. It’s a lot of work – and hopefully none of it will cause a storm surge.

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