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We’ve been published!

Many months ago, the Readorium Team submitted an article called “Nonfiction Reading Comprehension in Middle School: Exploring an Interactive Software Approach” to the Educational Research Quarterly.

The ERQ soon emailed us of its acceptance. We celebratedappropriately. Then we forgot about it. (We were busy making Readorium.)

Recently, we remembered it again and emailed the ERQ to ask when it would be published. Imagine our delight and surprise to hear that it had already been published in the September 2013 issue – four months ago!

So please, four months late, please check out our piece in the Educational Research Quarterly (click September 2013 and scroll down). The article details Readorium’s research-based differential instruction system’s impact on the reading comprehension abilities of its users.

Middle School Research

The article exclusively discusses research of middle school education. It was written before Readorium Rising Reader was in testing. So it only focuses on the original Readorium product, which was designed with grades 6-8 in mind. We may yet publish a second article about the Readorium model’s effectiveness for grades 3-5. But this one is about Readorium, the traditional version.

By Authors…

Dr. Evelyn Wolff (Readorium’s Research Coordinator)
Harriet Isecke (Readorium CEO)
Dr. Christopher Rhoads (University of Connecticut, Professor of Educational Psychology)
John P. Madura (University of Connecticut, doctoral student)

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