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Readorium Author Published in the New York Times

Rachel Nuwer, an author of many books and articles for the Readorium/Rising Reader program, has been published in the New York Times. Her article entitle Future Fossils: Plastic Stone can be found in the June 10th edition of the paper. She discusses the impact of the enormous amount of plastic that we are throwing away on the geological record of the Earth.

Nuwer introduces us to  this new rock, called plastiglomerate, which is a fusion of natural and manufactured materials could become a marker of humanity. She further states that even though it was first discovered in 2006, the true significance was not understood until 2012. Scientists believe that these finds indicate a new geological era called the Anthropocene.

Humans are impacting the natural world in ways that are long-lasting. We are leaving permanent markers of our time on Earth as these stones may last millions of years once the plastic is buried in the layers of the Earth.

We congratulate Ms. Nuwer on her accomplishment look forward to reading more of her work as she continues to strive for excellence.

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