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What Students Read is Just as Important as How Much Students Read

According to an article by Bryan Goodwin and Kirsten Miller entitled Research Says/ Nonfiction Reading Promotes Student Success, research funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts, 2010) found that children in America spend less than 4 minute a day reading nonfiction. Even in the classroom, fiction overwhelms nonfiction. The goal is that the switch to the Common Core helps even the reading playing field. Unfortunately these changes may seem extremely overwhelming for those who are expected to implement them considering the overlap is somewhere between 10-48%.
In new research it’s not just how much students read that is significant but what they read is at issue as well. Students need to read and understand nonfiction as easily as they do fiction. Students gain content knowledge along with literacy skills using nonfiction which leads to success beyond the classroom. Over 85% of reading and writing as adults is nonfiction. The shift is needed and must be done as completely and as quickly as we can.

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