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Global Knowledge Exchange Press Release



December, 2014

Contact:  Randolph (Randy) Rankin


Global Knowledge Exchange Launches GKE Project Readorium for

21st Century Literacy Instruction


Global Knowledge Exchange Inc (GKE) today announces a partnership with Readorium by Mtelegence.  Readorium has developed a breakthrough teaching and learning technology.  It’s a new kind of cloud-based, reading-to-learn system that is very simple and robust and that is designed to help students meet the U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE) new Common Core Standards.


The new Readorium systems, Readorium Rising Reader (RRR) and Readorium Scholar (RS), are suitable not only for students in Grades 3-8, but also for older students and working age adults looking to enhance essential literacy skills.  These systems belong in reading, science, ESL and teacher professional development classrooms worldwide.  The systems are also a powerful addition to any existing GKE “Global Classroom” (GC).  The underlying Readorium technology and pedagogy are simple and flexible. The potential is for students to implement the reading strategies and word-learning techniques taught in the Readorium system beyond science and literacy. The same skills will help users understand text in any field or profession where complex and difficult important technical knowledge must be mastered.


Readorium programs are designed for independent student use.  The programs are “smart,” adaptive, cloud-based solutions designed to supplement the regular curriculum and teach students how to extract deep understanding from any nonfiction texts, but especially in the science area.  Readorium programs are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Virtual “mentors” lead students through interactive lessons and in-depth content reading.  The system teaches the strategic thinking needed to understand difficult non-fiction and technical texts and helps users become self-reliant readers.   Students automatically and continually receive text at the level appropriate to their current abilities.  The founder, Harriet Isecke, will also serve as a master educator literacy consultant under GKE-incubated Global Teacher Academy.


Readorium recently joined the GKE Global Alliance.  The GKE Readorium Project makes this new software technology immediately available to other GKE members.   Members will be able to work with Readorium Corp. to form an effective virtual marketing team.  This is a solution that will be a benefit for schools.  Another part of the GKE plan is to actively offer true GKE global school solutions and, in fact, a large global school of over 400 students is opening its doors in Taiwan in September.  (Refer to separate press release.)


More about GKE:  GKE is an exchange platform and a community building program, or what GKE calls a “human network”.  GKE exists to serve its worldwide member organizations, including schools, universities, corporations, and. government groups.  Members complement each other and are able to pool resources and collectively accomplish much more than they could individually.  GKE has a special focus on building cross-connections between the U.S. and Far East.  In addition GKE Project Readorium will serve the entire global language industry



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