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Readorium presents in Coatesville PA

Coatesville Community Education Foundation presents Reading Program for 21st Century Community Learning Center’s After School Programs at Olivet Church (310 E. Chestnut Street, Coatesville, PA) January 9th 3 PM

The Coatesville Community Education Foundation and the Coatesville Area School District’s 21st Century Community Learning Center providers have teamed together to bring the Readorium reading literacy program to the children of Coatesville. On Friday January 9th the after school teachers and instructors from the Coatesville Kids to College, the Boys, Inc. and the Brandywine YMCA’s Believe and Achieve After School Program met at Coatesville’s Olivet Methodist Church to learn how to access and utilize to the Readorium software for their students.

The Readorium Company, located in Teaneck NJ, is the recipient of three highly competitive Small Business Innovative Research Grants awarded by the US Department of Education. Readorium Rising Reader (grades 3-5) and Readorium Scholar (grades 6-8) help students learn the strategies and word learning skills needed to improve comprehension of nonfiction texts. Online guides lead students through interactive strategy lessons and content reading, helping them become self-reliant readers as they proceed. Readorium is a highly motivating smart, interactive software system that teaches students proven strategies to help them comprehend the meaning of nonfiction text in the area of science, and adjusts to their reading levels as they go. Readorium is designed to supplement, not supplant science curricula, and all Readorium materials are aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Although originally intended for students who struggle with nonfiction text, Readorium field tests indicate that the program motivates and benefits students at all skill levels in reading. Readorium’s design is based on the three strong recommendations of the Institute for Educational Sciences (IES) that are proven to increase reading proficiency and comprehension in large scale studies:

Explicit vocabulary instruction that includes word learning techniques,

Direct and explicit reading strategy lessons, and intensive, and

Individualized interventions for struggling readers.

Text and support systems automatically adjust the students’ reading levels as they use the programs. Instructors receive real time reports they can use for individuals, small groups, or entire classes. All content is aligned with the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Harriet Isecke, noted Reading Specialist and Readorium CEO, donated over 150 individualized software programs to Coatesville’s elementary and middle school students enrolled in either Boys, Inc., Coatesville Kids to College, or one of the Brandywine YMCA after school programs for their use during a January to June time frame. All sites have computers and internet connectivity to activate the program. Readorium enrolled students can to continue to learn on any other computer they can log on to. In support of this science reading literacy program the Coatesville Community Education Foundation arranged for a donation of 15 computers to the Brandywine YMCA’s program at the Gordon Building so children in that program would also have access to the Readorium learning software. If you know of another with a need for a Readorium science literacy software program please contact John Hall at:

For more information about Readorium or the Coatesville Community Education Foundation go to: or

John L. Hall, Ph.D., V.P.

Coatesville Community Education Foundation

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