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Scaffolding helps you reach a higher level.

Readorium’s secret sauce has to do with the hint system that is given to the students. As students read and answer main comprehension questions they receive pinpointed assistance so that they arrive at the answers themselves. In educator terminology, we call it scaffolding. The image that goes through our minds is that of a construction site with the laborer standing on a temporary platform that is built to assist in reaching higher levels of a building. At Readorium we like to think of it as a group of safety nets that are used in movie making. The audience doesn’t want to see the safety nets but the stunt actors like to know that they are there in case they fall.


No one wants to see the safety net.

Tightrope walkers use a safety net in case they fall.

While students read, a book buddy or mentor is always present to assist them when they have difficulty. When the students answer the comprehension questions wrong, the mentor video pops up and help them reread the question, because as we all know, sometimes the issue is that the student just doesn’t understand what is being asked. If they get the question wrong again, the mentor video pops up and refocuses the student on the specific section of reading that they should go back and reread. If they answer incorrectly a third time, the mentor video explains the science itself. This is usually in the form of a science video or image that will reinforce the science content that was read.

Now here is where it gets cool, if the student doesn’t need this, they don’t get it. The student receives assistance only if needed, no more, no less. No one gets frustrated by not being able to answer the questions. No one gets annoyed by too many interruptions during their reading. As the student progresses and gains the skills of comprehension, they won’t get those hints. The beautiful thing is that the other students don’t have any clue what is going on because the text all looks the same. The images and vocabulary are all the same for everyone. Just like the audience, no one needs to see it!

You can see it for yourself. Sign up for a free trial and get all the answers wrong. 24 hours later, go in and get them all right! The scaffolding will disappear!

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