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Homeschooling and Readorium


There has been a significant increase in homeschooling over the past few years. 1.77 million students were homeschooled in the United States in the spring of 2011, compared to 1.5 million students the spring of 2007. Homeschooling can be very effective for parents who feel their children need an education outside of a school. No matter where our students are being educated, the research shows that the one issue that hinders them is reading comprehension. It has even been found that the one hurdle to college success is nonfiction reading comprehension. Readorium to the rescue!


The unfortunate fact is that students in the United States are not ready for college. The skill that has been identified as the main reason is reading comprehension.

Readorium is a web-based software program that teaches students in grades 3-8 how to read and interpret complex nonfiction text. Online guides lead students through interactive strategy lessons and content reading, helping them become self-reliant readers as they proceed. All of our books incorporate comprehension strategy lessons for reading nonfiction texts, such as inferring, using context clues, and asking questions as the students read. The books use the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model, in which as the students grow in reading proficiency, they are helped less and become more independent.

Struggling readers are given more opportunity to interact with the text through missing words and lightening round questions.

Struggling readers are given more opportunity to interact with the text through missing words and lightening round questions.

Many parents homeschool their children because they feel the schools don’t reach the needs of children with special needs or children with learning difficulties. Readorium is extremely helpful in this regard, because each science books is written on 10 to 12 different reading levels that adjust to the needs of the individual child. The reading comprehension strategy videos and book buddies supply visual and audial information that helps children who process information best in different formats.

Obviously, most homes don’t have full-scale laboratories with state of the art equipment where the children can perform science experiments. But we all know hands-on learning is important for learning about science. Readorium provides quick, child-friendly articles that guide children on how to perform science experiments right at home with everyday household materials!

Worried that as a parent, you’ll be too removed from what your children are accessing? We’ve got you covered. Readorium will give parents “teacher accounts,” which allow access to score reports and the teacher resource center, which provides standards-based lessons and supplemental worksheets that can be used one-on-one with the children outside of the computer to help them move along.

score reports

Parents are never left in the dark about their child’s progress. Readorium status reports are easy to access and direct parents to other lessons that can carry beyond the computer screen.

The books are interactive and fun to read, which is especially important to make students want to learn about science. But does Readorium really work? Research has shown that it does! Field testing was conducted by the University of Connecticut in 40 classrooms, in 9 diverse districts in the spring of 2013. All students took an independent valid and reliable pre and post comprehension test, the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment. Students who read at least ten of the books raised their comprehension scores by about a full school year on average in the eight week field test! Also, students who used Readorium for more hours gained reading levels more quickly. Teachers and students rave about Readorium. They both report that students use the strategies they learn to understand outside texts, are more enthusiastic about science and reading, are motivated by the program’s gaming aspects, and would recommend the program to others. We are constantly updating and writing new books and working to make sure the students can get the best education they can.

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Readorium books are magic. They automatically adapt to each student’s reading level.

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