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Vocabulary Word of the Week: Tornado

Tornadoes look cool but are actually extremely dangerous. A tornado is a “tube” of violently spinning air. They are caused by hot and wet weather. Tornadoes touch the ground, and can lift things into the air. A strong tornado can knock over trees, or even cars!

You can make your own tornado inside a bottle. But don’t worry, this tornado is completely safe!


  1. Two (2) plastic 1 liter bottles, one filled with water

  2. Duct tape

  3. One metal washer


Here are the materials you need. In this picture, you can also see glitter and little bats. You can put glitter or tiny toys in your tornado to make them spin around!


  1. Fill one of the bottles to the top with water.

  2. Use a metal washer that is the same size as the mouth of the bottle. A little bigger is okay! Put the washer on top of the filled bottle.

  3. Place the second bottle on top of the washer and connect them with duct tape. Wrap the duct tape tight, and use enough so the middle can’t bend.

  4. Now, turn this upside down and swirl the water. You should see the water form a tornado as it drains to the other bottle!


By Maariyah Mustafa & Natalie Duerr

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