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Vocabulary Word of the Week: Calcium

The vocab word of the week is calcium.

Calcium is a mineral and is the most common mineral in your body. eggsCalcium can also be found in eggshells. Eggshells are made out of calcium carbonate and if you leave it in vinegar for about two hours, the eggshell should no longer be as hard! This is because the calcium carbonate is reacting with the acetic acid that is found in the vinegar.vinegar You should also see some bubbles and fizz, this is the oxygen from the acetic acid combining with the carbon of the calcium carbonate!egg reaction

You can find instructions for this experiment below:


  1. Bowl or cup (must be able to completely submerge the egg)

  2. One (1) egg

  3. One (1) cup of vinegar


  1. Using your bowl or cup, pour the vinegar inside, enough so the egg will be completely covered by vinegar.

  2. Next, place the egg inside and leave it there for at least two hours.

  3. Remove the egg once time has elapsed, the shell should be softer. Be careful though, the egg is even more fragile now!

  4. If you want, change the vinegar and place the egg back into dissolve more of the shell!

Natalie Duerr & Maariyah Mustafa

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