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[KIDS] Vocabulary Word of the Week

Carbon Dioxide | Readorium

This week’s vocabulary word is Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a gas. It has no color, and it has no odor. We actually breathe out carbon dioxide after breathing in oxygen. In today’s experiment, we will create carbon dioxide in a different way than with our own bodies.


  1. Balloon

  2. Small bottle

  3. Funnel

  4. Two (2) tablespoons of

  5. Baking soda

  6. Four (4) ounces of vinegar


  1. Form your hypothesis and write it down. Consider these questions: What will happen when the baking soda and vinegar come together? What will happen to the balloon?

  2. Use the funnel to add the baking soda to the balloon.

  3. Add the vinegar the bottle.

  4. Fit the balloon over the bottle opening, make sure not to drop any baking soda in yet.

  5. When the balloon is secure, hold up the balloon and allow the baking soda to fall into the vinegar.

  6. Watch the chemical reaction take place and how that affects the balloon. Record what you see.

Why does this work?

When we combined the vinegar and baking soda, we were actually combining an acid, vinegar, and a base, baking soda. When these two combine, they create carbon dioxide. The gas rises up to the balloon where it can not escape. Since the gas cannot escape, the balloon inflate!

Click here to watch the Funke Science video!

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