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[KIDS] Vocabulary Word of the Week: Catapult

This week our vocabulary word is catapult. A catapult is a machine that throws objects and they’ve been around for a really long time! By following our instructions, you’ll be able to make your own, smaller scale marshmallow-launcher.


  1. 9 craft/popsicle sticks

  2. 4-6 rubber bands

  3. 1 plastic spoon

  4. Mini marshmallows


  1. Take seven of the craft sticks and tie them together tightly with two rubber bands on each side

  2. Take the two other popsicle sticks and tie them together with a rubber band on only one side.

  3. Put the bundle of seven sticks in between the two popsicle sticks. Join these two pieces with a rubber band in a cross formation. So far, it should look like this image:Catapult | Readorium

    4. On the end of the top popsicle stick, use a few more rubber bands to attach the plastic spoon.

    5.Now your catapult is ready to go! Take some mini marshmallows and test it out.catapult2 | Readorium

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