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[KIDS] Blood-Sucking Birds

vampire birds | Readorium

[Image from Wikimedia Commons]

What travels only at night, turns into a bat, and sucks blood? A vampire, of course! And while we all can sleep comfortably, knowing that vampires are not real, did you know that many animals do actually suck blood? And did you know that some of these animals are birds?

Yes, that’s right: blood-sucking birds! The “vampire finch”, or Geospiza difficilis, is a type of bird that lives in the Galapagos Islands. It has a sharp bill that’s normally good for picking seeds, fruits and grubs. However, when food is scare, the vampire finch feeds on blood!

It climbs onto other seabirds (usually a bird called a “booby”), pecks at the base of its feathers, and greedily drinks up the blood! Supposedly, the booby isn’t too hurt by this, but hey, I wouldn’t want a bird sucking up my blood!

vampire birds | Readorium

The “vampire finch” before its hungry enough to drink blood [Photo from Wikimedia Commons]



Bill: a type of bird’s beak

Grubs: a maggot or caterpillar; a wormlike insect

Scarce: rare; only in small amounts

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