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[KIDS] Computer Code: Vocab Word of the Week

Computer Code | Readorium

The Vocab Word of the Week: Computer Code

Computer code is the list of commands made by programmers that tell computers what to do. There are many different languages for coding. You may have heard of the commonly used ones like HTML, Java, and Python, or some of the more obscure ones like PASCAL, or Haskell. English mathematician Ada Lovelace is often credited with writing the world’s first computer program, to solve a math problem about something called Bernoulli numbers.

In the modern age, computers are used in every type of job imaginable. For example, you can use code to design games, to solve complicated Physics problems, or to help you guess how people in a country will spend money. Some artists and writers even use computers to create poetry or make beautiful visual art!

Because it’s so useful and widespread, it’s a good idea to learn the basics of coding. Although computer code may seem overwhelming and scary, anyone can learn to code! With the websites like the ones below, you can began to learn how to code and solve problems! Code | Readorium

This post was written by Natalie Duerr & Maariyah Mustafa, and edited by Sharang Biswas


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