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[Kids] Vocab Word of the Week

This week’s vocabulary word is propel, which means to push or drive forward. You may have heard about a propeller on a boat, this part spins around fast under the water and makes the boat go! Today, we have a tutorial on how to make your own paper propeller (pinwheel) which can be moved by the wind or by you!


Two pieces of paper


Glue stick

Pencil with eraser

Push pin

Markers, pens, pencils to decorate (optional)


  1. Start by cutting two identical squares from the paper. The paper can be different colors and could even have designs printed or drawn on it! You can color one side of the squares if you’d like. If not, it’s okay to leave them blank too!

  2. Now, glue the pieces of paper together. If you decorated them, make sure to glue to undecorated sides together. You should glue all around the paper and just not the edges, to make sure the pieces stay together.

  3. Create two diagonal lines that go from one corner to the one opposite. This should create four triangles.

  4. Cut towards the center from each diagonal line. Stop about an inch from the center.

  5. There should now be eight flaps. Start by bringing one to the center, do not fold it. Using a small amount of glue, secure it to the center.

  6. Skip the next flap and do the same to the one after that. Continue this process until four out of the eight flaps have been folded.

  7. Secure the center with a pushpin, it should be holding all four pieces together. Secure the push pin to the eraser part of a pencil, do not push it all the way through to allow the pinwheel to spin freely.

  8. If it’s windy outside, see if your pinwheel will spin! If it doesn’t, make sure that the eraser and paper pinwheel are not touching each other. You can also try blowing or pushing on it yourself!

This is what your pinwheel might look like when you are done.

This is what your pinwheel might look like when you are done.

Natalie Duerr

Maariyah Mustafa

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