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[Kids] Vocab Word of the Week


The vocabulary word of the week is ”nebula”. Nebulas (or “nebulae”) are large clouds of gas and dust in space, and are considered some of the most beautiful sites in the universe. Nebulas are also where stars are born! They consist of dust and plasma, and mainly the elements hydrogen and helium. They form when matter between star systems collapse and then clump together because of gravity. One of the closest nebulas is the Helix Nebula, which was discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding in 1824: that’s nearly 200 years ago! Although nebulae can be hard to see, create your own stunning nebula on this website:


Plasma: Plasma is like a gas and is made of tiny particles. These particles move freely in the plasma. As a rule, plasma forms only at very high temperatures.

Gravity: Gravity is the force that attracts two objects to each other. The more {emph: mass} an object has, the stronger the force.

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