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[NEWS] New Educational Games by Readorium

Educational Games | Readorium

Games have been impurrtant throughout history, like this ancient Egyptian Senet board. Source: Wikimedia Commons

We’ve been thinking a lot about the power of games-based learning, from games that help improve literacy skills, to game design as a teaching tool. Students can gain a lot from well-designed interactive play experiences.

So we decided that we’re going to make our own! Our interns already made a little Twine-based game called Cell City Mystery: a biology-based mystery where the player has to figure out what’s wrong with a cell. So far it’s received great reviews.Educational Games | Readorium

Our interns are already planning a second game, this time about atoms and particle physics. Following that, we’re aiming to create longer, more complex games that teach both reading skills and align with science standards set by states and NGSS.

So stay tuned: we have more awesome educational games coming up!



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