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[KIDS] Vocab Word of the Week: Elastic

Elastic | Readorium

Elastic things stretch or bend, but don’t break. When you let them go, they get back their original shape. We say that these things have elasticity. A common object that shows elasticity is a rubber band; when you stretch it, it will go back to normal after letting go! Elasticity also affects how much something will bounce.You might find, for example, that a rubber ball bounces much higher than a baseball.

Today, we’ll try making our own rubber band balls to explore both the stretchy and bouncy aspects of elasticity.

Rubber Band Ball


Tape, a lot of rubber bands


  1. Start by rolling a piece of tape together. This creates a small ball that you can start to wrap in rubber bands

  2. Take the rubber bands and begin wrapping them around the tape ball. Continue to stretch them around the ball until you have a ball size that you are happy with. In order for the ball to bounce, the rubber bands must completely cover the tape center. It is also necessary that there be several layers of rubber bands.

  3. Drop the ball on the ground, it should bounce back up! If you are not happy with how high the ball bounces, continue to add more rubber bands.

Elastic | Readorium

This post was written by Natalie Duerr & Maariyah Mustafa

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