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[KIDS] Food Web: Vocab Word of the Week

Vocab Food Web | Readorium

A food web in Chesapeake Bay. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A food web is a type of chart. It shows the animals and plants that other animals and plants eat in a particular place. In other words, it is a map of who eats who or what. Each arrow basically means “eaten by”. A food web is different from a food chain, because it shows that predators can have multiple prey, while food chains only follow one path.

Food webs are very helpful to scientists. They show the relationships between the different organisms (living things) in a particular place. This helps them see how they affect each other. For example, if one type of plant dies out, what would happen to the animals that eat it? A food web can help answer this type of question.

Make your own food web

You can make your own food webs using cards to explore the relationships between organisms.

If you don’t have any animal cards available to you, here is website to print some for free!

Once you have these cards, work with an adult to cut them out. Then get a large piece of and begin to layout your cards. Draw arrows from the prey to predator for each animal. Every animal should be connected to another one and once you have connected every animal, you have a food web!

This post was written by Natalie Duerr & Maariyah Mustafa, and edited by Sharang Biswas

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