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[PARENTS & EDUCATORS] Atomic Dating Game

Chemistry Game Atomic Dating | ReadoriumAs promised, we’ve been hard at work making new science-themed games that also encourage reading and teach literacy. We just finished Atomic Dating Game, made using the free tool Twine. In it, players will have to find the best match for a lonely Hydrogen atom. Could it be the noble (if a bit snobbish) Helium? Or maybe shy Deuterium? What about the perky Hydrogen ion?

If you’ve played our previous game, Cell City Mystery, you’ll be familiar with the text and reading-based style. However, this game is a little more challenging, both in terms of language as well as the complexity of the science involved.

Check out the Atomic Dating Game here!

Be sure to playour previous game (based on cellular structure and function), Cell City Mystery.

Chemistry Game Atomic Dating | Readorium

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