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Readorium at SIIA Education Industry Symposium

Readorium is honored and excited to be part of the SIIA Education Industry Symposium in Denver next week.

[NEWS] Readorium at SIIA Education Industry Symposium

Education Industry Symposium | Readorium

Readorium is honored and excited to be part of the Education Industry Symposium run by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) in Denver next week. CEO Harriet Isecke will be representing us as a “Trendsetter with Traction” at a panel on software companies that deliver excellence in content.

The full panel’s description reads:

Ecosystem: Content
Trendsetters with Traction

Hear how three trendsetting content companies are meeting market demand and technological challenges with enviable innovation. The companies are addressing issues like accessibility, adaptability and equity with keen design sensibilities and deep understanding of educator and student needs.

Hosted by Texthelp


Manish Gupta, CEO, uCertify

Harriet Isecke, CEO/Founder, Mtelegence dba Readorium

Chris Pedregal, CEO/Founder, Socratic

The symposium promises to be an exciting affair, with a number of talks, panels, and networking events featuring the movers and shakers of the Education and EdTech industries. Check out the schedule and the full list of speakers.

You may also recall that the SIIA recently awarded Readorium with its prestigious CODiE Award for “Best Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution”. You can read more about that, and how we grew from a tiny company to an award-winning science and literacy learning platform, in our blog post.

Education Industry Symposium | Readorium

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