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Readorium named Trendsetter with Traction, by SIIA

Readorium Earns Recognition from Prestigious Software Association

WASHINGTON (July 20, 2016)—Readorium, an online science and reading comprehension program, was named one of the “Trendsetters with Traction: 10 to Watch,” by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). Recognized as a creator of “ground-breaking products that are making watch-worthy impressions on our industry, our customers and our end-users,” Readorium will be joining other such Trendsetters with Traction at a panel discussion titled Ecosystem: Content; Trendsetters with Traction at the Education Industry Symposium on the 25th of July, 2016.

About Readorium and its Award Winning Software

Readorium’s web-based educational software teaches comprehension skills through scientific text.  All students can understand the same rich, grade appropriate content because the text levels and supports automatically adjust to their individual needs as they proceed.  Readorium’s interactive game-like format, along with its videos, music, challenges, and rewards keep students engaged. Teachers receive real-time student reports and downloadable resources to help them meet student needs.

It’s Readorium belief that the world is a fascinating place and that students come to school with natural curiosity and the desire to learn. It is our job as educators to keep that desire burning. To that end, Readorium provides students with the keys to learning the literacy skills that will make them knowledgeable citizens and prepare them to meet the challenges they will encounter in a rapidly changing world.

Thousands of students use Readorium, and both teachers and students have some wonderful things to say about it. One teacher said, “The most important things students get out of Readorium is motivation, confidence, and the enjoyment of reading.”  Another said, “Because of Readorium, the love of reading is coming back.”  One student claimed, “Readorium’s fun, cool, and good for kids, and I think adults would like it too. It’s awesome!”

Harriet Isecke, CEO of Readorium and lifelong educator and author, is all too aware of the problems students face when they are expected to understand complex nonfiction text.  “Science text is especially challenging for students and the gap between high fliers and struggling students only widens when content is watered down for those who struggle. Readorium is designed to enable all students to comprehend the same rich material and learn the skills that will enhance all reading.”

This is not Readorium’s first honor. Earlier this year, the SIIA awarded Readorium with a CODiE award for Best Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution, and the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA) recently recommended the use of Readorium in school classrooms.

About Trendsetters with Traction

According to the SIIA, “The Trendsetters with Traction: 10 to Watch  program at the 2016 Education Industry Symposium will highlight accomplishments and build visibility, capital and business opportunities” for the named companies. Among other features, companies named Trendsetters with Traction are recent entrants to the ed tech market, and yet are “causing students, educators and other ed tech companies to sit up and take notice” and are “supported by sound educational principals and innovative technology.” All the 10 companies named Trendsetters with Traction will be featured at the Education Industry Symposium.

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