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About Readorium


Readorium and Homeschool

For our first four years of development, our chief engineer was a homeschool parent.  Meeting the needs of homeschool families was in our hearts right from the start, and your children are incredibly important to us.  Today, we are proud to say that we work with hundreds of homeschool families all across America, and we will not be satisfied until every homeschool child is successful.

Readorium in a Nutshell

Learning to understand scientific text is hard. Our software teaches your kids the reading comprehension skills they need to understand scientific text independently. And here’s the best part: you don’t need to be a science genius to help your child become one. Readorium presents challenging topics in fun, easy-to-grasp ways. Readorium will instill a love of science in your child.

Meeting the special needs of each child

Readorium is designed to reach every student where they are. It is a multi-modal approach to reading. We provide tremendous support to make sure child can succeed. These supports include recorded instructional mentors, music, videos, animations, challenges, word fill-ins, continual questioning, vocabulary games, direct comprehension lessons, and more.

Whether your child struggles with reading, or is far ahead of the curve, our high-interest books are individually tailored.  Readorium books dynamically adapt to each learner. Each new book chapter adapts to the reading level of your child so they will always understand the science.  And that’s not all. When kids struggle, recorded mentors automatically help them. Homeschool students can easily graduate from Readorium Rising Reader (grades 3-5) to Readorium Scholar (grades 6-8) at any time. Every child proceeds at his or her own pace.

Meeting the special needs of homeschool parents

We provide you with a rich set of data about your children, breaking down their strengths and weaknesses by reading strategy and by science concepts. This information can easily be used to set up special lessons at home. Readorium provides free multimedia and printable resources that you can use offline at any time.


Our Mission

We believe that the world is a fascinating place and that children are naturally curious and have the desire to learn. Our goal is to keep that desire burning. Readorium helps children develop the literacy skills they need to be independent learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. In this way, Readorium prepares kids to meet the challenges they will encounter as adults in a rapidly changing world.

Our Story

Harriet Isecke, the Readorium founder and CEO, is a national literacy expert with a wide range of experience in education: as a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a speaker, and an award-winning author of over 70 fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults.

Realizing that technology is the key to engaging students, Harriet designed an interactive software program to teach kids the strategies necessary to comprehend nonfiction.  With the help of three U.S. Department of Education Small Business Innovative Research grants, Readorium was developed and expanded to help all students in grade levels 3-8, as well as students who struggle in high school.

Readorium continues to grow and develop under Harriet’s leadership with an innovative and dedicated team that includes scientists, researchers, authors, editors, programmers, actors, animators, script writers, and graphic designers.