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About Readorium

Readorium in a Nutshell


Readorium’s web-based software teaches kids reading comprehension strategies through scientific text. Original books automatically adapt to kids’ reading levels. Complex scientific concepts are presented in fun, easy-to-grasp ways to instill a love of science.

In order to engage kids, all Readorium books include images, videos, music, challenges and games. Text adapts to their reading levels after each book chapter so they can always understand the text. Parents can view their children’s data and use Readorium’s lesson plans to supplement the program. Readorium is aligned with the Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and state standards.

Our Mission

Readorium programs are based on the belief that the world is a fascinating place and that children a natural curiosity and the desire to learn. It is our job to keep that desire burning. To that end, Readorium provides children with the keys to learning the literacy skills that will make them knowledgeable citizens and prepare them to meet the challenges they will encounter in a rapidly changing world.

Our Program

Readorium Rising Reader (grades 3-5) and Readorium Scholar (grades 6-8) teach the strategies and word-learning skills needed to comprehend informational text. Text and support systems adjust to each child’s skill level as they use the program.

Our Story

Based on national data indicating that two-thirds of U.S. elementary and middle school students are not proficient readers, the Common Core’s increasing emphasis on informational text, as well as her own experience, Harriet Isecke, the Readorium founder and CEO, envisioned a program to tackle this problem. Harriet is a literacy expert with a wide range of experience in education: as a teacher, a professional development provider, a national speaker, and an author of children’s and professional books.

Harriet initially chose to target struggling middle school students because they are less likely to be exposed to direct reading instruction than their younger counterparts. Middle school teachers are usually content experts, whereas elementary school teachers are reading teachers. Realizing that technology was the key to engaging students, Harriet designed an interactive software program to teach the strategies necessary to comprehend nonfiction.

With this idea in mind, Harriet applied for, and was awarded, three U.S. Department of Education Small Business Innovative Research grants to support the project. The grants enabled Harriet to subsequently expand the program to all students in grades 3-5, and then grades 6-8.

Readorium programs continue to grow and develop under Harriet’s leadership with an innovative and dedicated team of full-time and part-time staff including authors, editors, science experts, programmers, actors, animators, researchers, script writers, and graphic designers.