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Children learn 16 new reading strategies that help build their reading comprehension skills based on the latest brain research. Through strategy raps, students have fun while learning our reading strategies!

Watch this video to see one of our strategy lessons.

From our Word Wizard World game to more than 1,500 interactive vocabulary cards, children develop a strong vocabulary as they use new words collected from the text they read.

“Rewards and incentives” is what kids mention most often when they explain why they find Readorium so engaging.

From a top spot in our Hall of Fame, to medals and game tokens earned when successfully completing each book chapter, Readorium provides a strong motivational system for getting kids to work diligently at reading.

Book Buddies help children become expert readers. They will guide your child through each book chapter and provide hints tailored to them as they use the program.

In the screenshot below, Heather explains what the first question in this book is asking while providing some useful tips for answering it correctly.

You may wonder if the text may be too hard or too easy for your child. For example, will your child get the same content as a child who is reading at a higher level? The answer is yes! Every child will get the same in-depth content and science vocabulary instruction. They will also answer the same comprehension questions. How is this possible? The program adjusts the readability level and the support needed after each book chapter.

Here is an example of an easy reading level (left) compared to a more advanced level (right).

It is important that all children succeed. We know that non-fiction comprehension can be really difficult for some kids. Kids aren’t just on their own with difficult science text. So, what does Readorium do?

  • Students are directly taught the strategies needed to understand the text, and they practice using these skills in context. The reading strategy lessons are designed to be fun and memorable. They include original music, videos, cartoon animations, special challenges, and games.
  • Behind the scenes, each book chapter has been painstakingly written at many different reading levels. This allows Readorium books to “magically” adjust to your children as they use the program.
  • Every book has a digital mentor who will help your child if he or she becomes confused.
  • Each book has many pictures, diagrams, captions and videos that illustrate the text.

You can easily see how your child is progressing 24/7. You can access information on their strengths, as well as their challenges. For example, reports will be available on how many lessons your child completed, as well as mastery by science topic, e.g., life science or by reading strategy, e.g., inferring.

As your child’s teacher, you need to identify concepts and objectives as well as the vocabulary covered in each book. (National Standards are shown, State Standards are available)

Click here to download a worksheet example.

We take your privacy and security seriously. Only you have access to your children’s records. When your subscription is up, simply email us to have your children’s records permanently deleted. Otherwise, we can archive them, which will allow you alone to reopen their accounts at a later date.

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