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Evidence of Effectiveness

Testimonials from Parents

“After our trial with Readorium, I purchased a subscription through Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op. My decision was influenced by the quality of Readorium and the discount through the co-op.

Some feedback: my student is a 14 yr. old, ADHD male with a gifted I.Q. who experiences difficulty with reading comprehension on standardized testing. I would reading Readorium for students beyond the 8th grade, especially those with ADHD. The pop-up tutors are a huge help as are the two levels of reading offered. On days in which he’s fatigued or adding in a quick Readorium unit to an otherwise full day, it’s helpful to bump down the reading level. This gives him more success and incentive for the other days when the reading level is higher.

I see a need for a Readorium program at high school and college level.

Thank you for following up. Most programs don’t do that. I am telling others about your product.”

Jean Hedrick, Mother

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Research and Results

Readorium has been field tested three times (2010, 2012, and 2013) in diverse urban and suburban communities with over 1,200 students using the system. In each field test, students of all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds far exceeded the expected outcome for a 6-8 week field test. Here are the results of the latest field test.

Readorium Field Testing

Readorium was field tested in 40 classrooms, in 9 diverse districts in the spring of 2013. This field test was designed to determine the usability and feasibility of Readorium and the promise of the program to increase comprehension.

Quantitative and Qualitative Results

All students took an independent valid and reliable pre and post comprehension test, the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment. The average comprehension score of students who read 10 or more topic strands (with 7 articles each) increased approximately one school year during the 8-week field-test.

Student and Teacher Feedback

Feedback from teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Both report that students use the strategies they learn to understand all text, are more enthusiastic about science and reading, are motivated by the program’s gaming aspects, and would recommend the program to others.


Notice that students who read at least ten of Readorium’s 40 science series raised their comprehension scores, on an outside validated test, by almost a full school year in the eight week field test! (The previous two field tests had similar results).


Notice that the more topics students read, the larger their gains.


Also notice, that the more hours students used Readorium, the greater their gains.

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